Sen. Kirk Watson Introduces Bills to Protect Sexual Assault Victims

In response to the ongoing scandals at Baylor University, State Senator Kirk Watson (District 14) has introduced a suite of bills aimed at strengthening sexual assault laws and protecting victims.

SB 967: Closes several loopholes in the Penal Code’s definition of “consent” for sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault.

SB 970: Requires an affirmative consent standard across all institutions of higher education.

SB 966: Protects minors who report sexual assault to health care providers, law enforcement personnel, or Title IX coordinators from being prosecuted for underage possession or consumption of alcohol.

SB 969: Provides amnesty to students who commit a student conduct code violation ancillary to a sexual assault incident if they are a victim of that sexual assault or a reporting witness.

SB 968: Requires institutions to provide an option to students and employees to electronically report an incident of sexual assault, family violence, or stalking. The electronic option must include the option to report anonymously.

Read Senator Watson’s Statement Here. 


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