Support SB 421 (Eminent Domain reform)

March 6, 2019

Suggested script:

My name is ____. I would like Senator ___ to vote in favor of SB 421 in the Committee on State of Affairs.  Private property rights are very important for Texans.  SB 421 would bring the eminent domain powers of private for-profit companies in line with the eminent domain powers of the government and general utilities (like electric power lines).  And it would safeguard the rights of Texans and prevent the abuse of eminent domain powers by ensuring adequate compensation for condemned property and make the process more transparent by requiring public hearings.

Texas Senate Committee on State of Affairs:
Joan Huffman 512.463.0117
Bryan Hughes 512.463.0101
Brian Birdwell 512.463.0122
Brandon Creighton 512.463.0104
Pat Fallon 512.463.0130
Bob Hall 512.463.0102
Eddie Lucio, Jr. 512.463.0127
Jane Nelson 512.463.0112
Judith Zaffirini 512.463.0121