Support Hearings on SB 167 and SB 168 (Immigration)

March 18


Contact Senate State Affairs Committee or your Senator on the Committee to ask for hearings on SB 167 and SB 168, regarding immigration.

Suggested text {when calling…}:

My name is {name} and I am a Texan who lives in {town/district}. I am {writing/calling} to ask you to support having a hearing on SB 167 and SB 168. These bills would keep communities safe because they support the local agencies who best understand and can protect their communities.

Texas Senate, State Affairs Committee:
Joan Huffman (R Dist 17), Chair, 512.463.0117
Bryan Hughes (R Dist 1), Vice Chair, 512.463.0101
Brian Birdwell (R Dist 22), 512.463.0122
Brandon Creighton (R Dist 4), 512.463.0104
Pat Fallon (R Dist 20), 512.463.0130
Bob Hall (R Dist 2), 512.463.0102
Eddie Lucio, Jr. (D Dist 27), 512.463.0127
Jane Nelson (R Dist 12), 512.463.0112
Judith Zaffirini (D Dist 21), 512.463.0121


Bill details

SB 167

SB 168

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