Actions for the Week

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This Week’s Actions

1. Get to know us better!

Texas’ 85th Legislative Session brought some truly awful legislation with it. From state-sponsored racism (SB4), to state-sponspored discrimination (HB3859), to even MORE legislation that puts women’s health at risk (SB8), the Texas legislature did a lot to hurt the lives of Texans. Indivisible TX Lege is taking the principles of the Indivisible Guide and applying them at the state level. Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, and many of our State Senators and Representatives are not serving the will of the people, and we will hold them accountable!

2. Join a huddle group to focus on one of five issues for the TXlege Special Session

The Special Session that Greg Abbott’s called is scheduled to start July 18, and there is a lot of awful legislation on the docket. From transgender rights to women’s access to reproductive health care, to school vouchers, to property taxes, there aren’t many topics that go untouched.

Indivisible TX Lege has created 5 issue huddles to coordinate actions and strategies to combat harmful, hurtful legislation. Here are the 5 groups. Join the one (or multiple!) that is a priority for you.

3. Keep learning about bills that are on the Special Session Agenda

In the special session, bills start from the very beginning of the legislative process. So although no bills have been filled yet, (and can’t be until Abbott officially files his special session proclamation) we have a pretty good idea of what each is about. For example, “Privacy” is the bathroom bill that requires people to use restrooms that match their birth certificate gender (fka SB6), and “pro-life insurance reform” is the bill that requires women to pay extra for a health insurance plan that covers abortion and allows employers to deny abortion coverage (fka SB20). To fight this legislation, we all have to understand to what each bill is actually about, instead of listening to the spin (and outright lies) that Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott want us to believe.

Summary of bills: Texas Tribune: Gov Abbott Calls Special Session on Bathrooms, Abortion, School Finance
For more: Texas Tribune: Gov Abbott Plots Aggressive Approach To Special Session
Have questions?: Ask Questions about the Special Session

4. Join a TX Lege group focused on your State MoCs

We each have 1 State Representative and 1 State Senator. Some of them are great and work to improve the lives of Texans. Some…not so much. With voter turnout relatively low in state elections, it won’t take many votes to flip many of the state legislature seats in 2018. Let’s work together to vote out legislators who push through hurtful, harmful laws, and vote FOR candidates who will work for us, the people of Texas.