Support a State Affairs Committee hearing on SB 672 (policing/immigration)

March 18, 2019


Call or write to Sen. Joan Huffman (512) 463-0117 to ask for a hearing on SB 672.

Suggested script or text:

My name is {name} and I live in {town/district}. (Or, if you live in SD 17, “I am a constituent who lives in {town}.”) I am calling {or writing} to ask Sen. Huffman to hold a hearing on SB 672 in the State Affairs Committee.
SB 672 would repeal certain provisions of SB 4, a law that erodes local control and damages trust between local law enforcement and the communities they serve. It is causing crimes to go unreported because victims and witnesses fear attracting attention from ICE. Let’s pass SB 672 and let local law enforcement focus on enforcing local law.


Bill Details

Media coverage

Website for the Texas Legislature. Provides information on legislation, committees, house, and senate.

Support SB 421 (Eminent Domain reform)

March 6, 2019

Suggested script:

My name is ____. I would like Senator ___ to vote in favor of SB 421 in the Committee on State of Affairs.  Private property rights are very important for Texans.  SB 421 would bring the eminent domain powers of private for-profit companies in line with the eminent domain powers of the government and general utilities (like electric power lines).  And it would safeguard the rights of Texans and prevent the abuse of eminent domain powers by ensuring adequate compensation for condemned property and make the process more transparent by requiring public hearings.

Texas Senate Committee on State of Affairs:
Joan Huffman 512.463.0117
Bryan Hughes 512.463.0101
Brian Birdwell 512.463.0122
Brandon Creighton 512.463.0104
Pat Fallon 512.463.0130
Bob Hall 512.463.0102
Eddie Lucio, Jr. 512.463.0127
Jane Nelson 512.463.0112
Judith Zaffirini 512.463.0121

Public Education Funding



Send a message (phone, email, letter/postcard) to any or all of the House Public Education committee members.

Suggested text:

Dear {representative}. Because you are a Texas House Public Education committee member who represents all Texans, I am writing to you to express my concerns about our state’s inadequate funding for public education. I urge you to take at least two actions: (1) Ensure that the state’s share of funding for school districts is at least 50%, and (2) reduce the recapture requirement so it no longer harms urban and suburban school districts. Overall, I am asking that you work to improve the school finance system so the financial support for a student’s education in Texas is not determined by where they live.

Send to these House Public Education committee members:

Huberty, Dan (Chair) [127/R] (512) 463-0520
Bernal, Diego (Vice Chair) [123/D] (512) 463-0532
Allen, Alma [131/D] (512) 463-0744
Allison, Steve [121/R] (512) 463-0686
Ashby, Trent [57/R] (512) 463-0508
Bell, Keith [4/R] (512) 463-0458
Dutton Jr., Harold [142/D] (512) 463-0510
Gonzalez, Mary [75/D] (512) 463-0613
King, Ken [88/R] (512) 463-0736
Meyer, Morgan [108/R] (512) 463-0367
Sanford, Scott [70/R] (512) 463-0356
Talarico, James [52/D] (512) 463-0670
VanDeaver, Gary [1/R] (512) 463-0692


Houston Chronicle article, “Broken Trust, Texas’ huge school endowment pays out less and less for schoolchildren”

HB 565 Medicaid Expansion Bill Hearing

Tuesday, March 5, 8 a.m.


On Tuesday morning, Rep. Coleman’s Medicaid expansion bill HB 565 will get a hearing! This bill will both expand Medicaid and codify protections of the ACA in state law, including coverage of pre-existing conditions.

If you’ve ever thought, “hey, I want to testify on a health care bill at the #txlege,” this is your chance!

Here’s the hearing notice
And the bill text

Cover Texas Now has all the resources you could ever want on Medicaid expansion here. You can also use the bullet points above to help shape your testimony.

Texas Medicaid Expansion Hearing

Monday, March 4, 10 a.m.

Let the People Vote! Texas Rally for Medicaid Expansion – South Steps of the Capitol

Want to volunteer on Monday? Sign up here >>>

Want to help make posters on Sunday afternoon? Info here >>>

On Monday we’ll deliver a message that Texans are DONE waiting on state leaders who have refused for SIX YEARS to expand Medicaid.

It’s time for state leaders to get out of the way and give Texans the chance to vote on expanding Medicaid.

Why is this important?

  • Texas has the highest number and rate of uninsured people of any state in the country
  • Nearly 11% of Texas children are uninsured
  • We’re one of only 14 states that hasn’t accepted Medicaid expansion
  • Medicaid expansion could help 1 million uninsured Texans get health coverage
  • Two-thirds of Texans want the state to expand Medicaid

Another hearing of interest is House Elections at 9 a.m.