Public Education Funding



Send a message (phone, email, letter/postcard) to any or all of the House Public Education committee members.

Suggested text:

Dear {representative}. Because you are a Texas House Public Education committee member who represents all Texans, I am writing to you to express my concerns about our state’s inadequate funding for public education. I urge you to take at least two actions: (1) Ensure that the state’s share of funding for school districts is at least 50%, and (2) reduce the recapture requirement so it no longer harms urban and suburban school districts. Overall, I am asking that you work to improve the school finance system so the financial support for a student’s education in Texas is not determined by where they live.

Send to these House Public Education committee members:

Huberty, Dan (Chair) [127/R] (512) 463-0520
Bernal, Diego (Vice Chair) [123/D] (512) 463-0532
Allen, Alma [131/D] (512) 463-0744
Allison, Steve [121/R] (512) 463-0686
Ashby, Trent [57/R] (512) 463-0508
Bell, Keith [4/R] (512) 463-0458
Dutton Jr., Harold [142/D] (512) 463-0510
Gonzalez, Mary [75/D] (512) 463-0613
King, Ken [88/R] (512) 463-0736
Meyer, Morgan [108/R] (512) 463-0367
Sanford, Scott [70/R] (512) 463-0356
Talarico, James [52/D] (512) 463-0670
VanDeaver, Gary [1/R] (512) 463-0692


Houston Chronicle article, “Broken Trust, Texas’ huge school endowment pays out less and less for schoolchildren”