Daily Resistance at the Capitol

Far-right extremists in the Legislature are waging an all out war on Texas’ rural familiesmothers, people of color, workers, women, retired teachers, and schools. The harm they have done to our communities are not because of just one bill, or even a few. The oppressive state of voting rights, worker rights, women’s rights, health care, education, and basic services for Texans in need is the cumulative effect of thousands of bills passed over decades.

Our Chapter has aligned with a broad coalition of progressive advocates to focus on building the collective power of our movement in Texas and in the state legislature. Whether you can join us for a few hours on one day, or every day, your support matters, and it will make a difference.

Every Monday through Thursday, we’re asking anyone who’s able to join us at the Capitol to register FOR, AGAINST OR NEUTRAL ON EVERY BILL that is scheduled for a hearing on that day.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to get emailed the next day’s bill list here. The next day’s bill list will go out the night before. 
  2. Every night, you’ll get a bill list with Committee hearing times. Keep in mind that hearings are generally in the morning, with the latest hearings usually starting in the afternoon, at 2:30pm. Generally, you can register your position electronically on every bill or issue at a kiosk, but for some bills that won’t be the case.
  3. Hearings are generally in the Capitol Extension. Sometimes, for some of the more controversial bills, the State Affairs committee will hear testimony on the Senate or House floor. If that’s the case, you can just walk in, ask a clerk where the form to register your position is, and wait your turn to testify. But mainly you’ll be in the Extension. To get to there, Walk through the Rotunda, towards the elevators, and go to E1 or E2. There are also staircases leading down into the extension behind the large staircases that go up to the Senate gallery. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone you see–they’ll tell you how to get to where you need to go. Here’s a map.

If you plan to testify, but are unsure about the process, don’t worry! We’ve got an informative, easy-to-understand how-to here. There’s really nothing to it.

Even if you don’t plan to testify, we hope you’ll get to the capitol to register your opposition or support for the bills we’re tracking. It takes two minutes. You step in, sign onto public wi-fi, navigate to , register your position on a bill, and that’s it. Super easy. NB: The Senate is not as electronically savvy as the House, so you’ll need to register your position on Senate bills at a kiosk.

To help inform positions on bills, we’ve asked numerous progressive organizations to share their legislative agendas, as well as drawn from our own priority bill list. Based on that information, daily bill lists of every bill scheduled for hearing will be emailed and available at the Capitol for advocates to reference.

We’ll be at the capitol as a point of contact. You can reach us most easily via DM on Twitter. The packets will also be posted in the private Facebook Group here.

You can also receive the packets via email by signing up at http://bit.ly/txlegeresistance.

The goal and strategy of the #txlege resistance is to harness and leverage the mobilization power of the various organizations and issues we support to 1) increase our impact on bills that matter most to each our communities and 2) make sure elected officials know we are watching every bill, not just a few.

Now it’s time to let politicians know that we’re paying attention, we’re united and we’re fighting for all Texans, all the time.

Every step of the way our communities are committed to resisting. We will persist and we will participate in democracy to the fullest extent.

Join us at the capitol.

Actions for the week.


2 thoughts on “Daily Resistance at the Capitol

  1. How about paying attention to the bills that would cut the money that supports education, healthcare, etc. Ways & Means heard five bills yesterday that would eliminate the franchise tax. Total witnesses against = two. Juan Flores from La Fe Policy Research in San Antonio and Dick Lavine from CPPP. If they cut off the money, it’ll be too late to complain when all the issues you care about get starved to death.

    1. Thanks! This is by no means a complete list. Not even close. While are a tiny, unfunded group of volunteers, we’re dead serious about opposing harmful legislation and supporting good, but it became clear to us that with our limited resources there’s only so much we can do and post on with a list like this. The onslaught of harmful, regressive legislation at the txlege is relentless.

      Are there specific tax-policy and budget-related bills you could help us identify and target?

      Here are the bills we were working on today:


      In Education alone we weighed in on:

      SB 160 Rodriguez, et al
      SB 276 Watson, et al.
      SB 489 Lucio
      SB 610 Huffines, et al.
      SB 671 Campbell
      SB 1317 Uresti
      SB 1634 Taylor, Larry

      Please sign up to get a list of the next day’s important legislation sent directly to you here:


      Understand that we’re doing everything we can, but the more people involved in our effort to register positions and testify on the better.

      If you know when they’re hitting committee and it’s an issue that affects you personally, or someone you know, or even just something you’re passionate about, we’d love it if you’d join us at the capitol.

      In fact, we testified on behalf and in support of SB 160 this morning, which would prevent TEA from capping the number of kids who are eligible for special education services.

      We welcome, encourage, and value any feedback you can provide. We know our Legislation page gives the impression that a lot of legislation is being left out. Thanks for your comment.

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