Trump’s “Election Integrity” Push is Voter Suppression on a Massive Scale

Yesterday, the Trump administration defunded the federal agency protecting against vote hacking, ordered states to purge voter rolls, and asked states to supply voter data to suppress even more votes with the Kris Kobach-led office aimed at addressing Trump’s fake “voter fraud” claims. This commission is a sham designed to spread lies about voter fraud & suppress votes.

Texas’ record on voting is already, literally, the worst.

The Kobach commission will use this public, rudimentary data–first and last names–to generate thousands of false matches, leading to misleading claims about the prevalence of double voting. That results in hundreds of legitimate voters being removed from the rolls.

But aside from the wrongness of the Trump administration-GOP’s obvious effort to continue their attempt at remaking America through restrictive voting laws, disenfranchising people of color, the elderly, and young voters, the Kobach-Pence led voter suppression initiative also leaves YOUR personal information–address, phone number, and parts (if not all) of social security numbers–totally susceptible to easy extraction by bad actors. In short, it’s an open invitation to further meddling in the US electoral process by Russian state intel.

Obviously, states should refuse to participate.

While we fear that the Abbott-Patrick-led Texas GOP is happy to carry any water the Trump administration asks it to, especially in light of the fact that they’ve been all too happy to pass any number of unconstitutional laws this session, we must make a concerted effort to resist this voter roll purge.

The sovereignty of our electoral process has already been compromised. Our election was hacked by the Russian government, to help Donald Trump win. This is not conspiracy. This is fact.

Contact the Texas Secretary of State and the Governor’s office, and do this NOW. Demand that they refuse to comply with the Pence-Kobach “election integrity” commission. Remind them that we know our electoral system was breached by a hostile adversary’s spies, and that it’s madness to freely offer up your social security number over an unencrypted channel for more of the same.

UPDATE: Rolando Pablos, Texas’ Secretary of State, said he plans to respond to the request, but it’s not entirely clear how much data he’ll be handing over.

Continue to contact both the Secretary of State and Governor’s office and demand that NO information whatsoever be “turned over”. The endgame of Texas’ participation in this sham commission is simply to create a pretext for federal legislation to make it harder for people to register & vote.

Secretary of State, Elections Division

(512) 463-5650

Secretary of State, Elections Email

Secretary of State, Information Technology

(512) 463-5638

Secretary of State, General

(512) 463-5600

Governor’s office

(800) 843-5789

(512) 463-2000


2 thoughts on “Trump’s “Election Integrity” Push is Voter Suppression on a Massive Scale

  1. I called the secretary of state’s election division (512) 463-5650 (press 3), and the receptionist said that they’re not taking comments on this over the phone, only via email. The address is .

    I also find that troubling.

    I haven’t tried any of the other numbers yet– has anyone else?

    1. Keep emailing the Secretary of State. Demand that they do not comply.

      Here’s the Texas Tribune piece on what pieces of data the Kobach commission is requesting that the state transmit over an unencrypted channel:

      “Though Taylor couldn’t immediately detail what information Texas would send Kobach, he confirmed that the categories listed in the agency’s public information request form are available to anyone who asks — generally at a cost. That includes: full names, dates of birth and registration, home and mailing addresses, dates of elections voted in and voting methods.

      The data would not identify a voter’s party affiliation, but it would list party primaries he or she voted in. The data also includes a “Hispanic surname flag.”

      Social security numbers are not considered public record.

      Though listed as available on the Secretary of State’s request form, there are questions about how the agency might handle voters’ birth dates going forward.”

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